Pain Relief | Alignment | Balance

Promoting the body’s natural self healing mechanisms using Physiokey, NeuroKinetics & Quantum BioEnergetics.

I came to this career after years of issues with my own back and neck. Having tried all manner of techniques to alleviate pain and increase mobility I stumbled across NeuroKinetics - a non invasive, non manipulative skeletal alignment technique that enables the a self balancing mechanism in the body, which proved to be so brilliant for me that I studied the technique purely for education sake, became a practitioner, and eventually a teacher of the modality.

In 2008, after reading a book “The Healing Initiation” by Melissa Hocking Hughes, I studied the Quantum BioEnergetics a balancing technique™ developed by Melissa. Another great technique that enhances the use of quantum frequencies to balance the body on all levels.

More recently, I have added Key Therapy to my practice. Using a Physiokey device - a low level neurostimulation device, which is fantastic in the management of pain. This process not only provides direct therapeutic effect via pain relief, but also activates the natural defences of the body.

I believe that the human anatomy has a great capacity to heal itself, especially if we can create the optimum environment for it to do its work.

I regard myself as a facilitator of balance, and In each of the modalities that I am privileged to use we are seeking to bring your body back to balance so that it can then heal itself.

All modalities are non invasive, gentle and safe, thereby creating an environment which is conducive to allowing the body to balance.


  • Associate Diploma NeuroKinetics 1999
  • NeuroKinetics - Certified Practitioner
  • NeuroKinetics - Certfiied Teacher
  • Quantum Bio-Energetics balancing technique™ - Certified Facilitator 2008
  • Axial Initiation - Certified Facilitator 2008
  • Physiokey Advanced 2015
  • Physiokey Sports Injury Management 2017
  • Physiokey Women’s Health 2017